How to choose a software development company

Once you’re in Google and start searching, you find a lot of “nice and shiny” companies, but how to choose a software development company and not regret later. These days of social networking the external image can sometimes overshadow what is most important — the content.

In practice, we had to communicate a lot with various IT companies. Based on this experience, we got the idea to write an article “How We would choose an IT company for project implementation, if we suddenly find ourselves in the customer’s place”.

The search for an IT service provider is somewhat similar of…

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app? This is a fundamentally wrong question. It’s the same as asking how much a car costs. It’s possible to answer the question, but it won’t be useful. In other words, in order to provide meaningful information, one needs to know what brand of a car it is, when it was manufactured, what its configuration, etc.

As in cars, an information technology (IT) project (mobile application development is one of the possible IT projects) depends on the configuration. …

Imagine your average guy called John. For eight years he’s been working in a manufacturing company. He already knows his daily tasks very well. Probably so well, that he could do them with his eyes closed.

One day, during a casual Monday morning meeting, CEO of the company says:

-Guys we are modernizing, we have to keep up with today’s technologies. From next month we will start this IT project, it will help us to optimize things, earn more money, etc.

John thinks to himself:

-Why should we do it, everything is going great without any improvements.

As if these…

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